Samantha Skye.: Top Ten Things I've Learned From Criminal Minds

Friday, April 11, 2014

Top Ten Things I've Learned From Criminal Minds

Happy Friday! This week, I swear, took a million years and I'm so glad it's over! It's because I'm looking forward to next week, because I'll finally get to see Dan. (insert girly squeal here) And I'm so freaking anxious to get the heck out of this state already!
So I was checking out Kay's blog, and she had this awesome list of blog post ideas that I wanted to write about. So I'm going to go with number 26 and talk about the top ten things Criminal Minds has taught me. I absolutely love this show, so I thought this was a great post to do!
1. Don't become a prostitue or stripper. You will be targeted by psychos and murdered after being raped. How do I know this? About 75% of this show's episodes involve multiple murders of hookers.
2. Don't go anywhere by yourself at night, you will get kidnapped and tortured until you eventually get murdered.
3. If an FBI agent is pointing a gun at you and telling you to do something, you better do it. They won't hesitate to shoot.
4. Even people you think you know can turn out to be sick twisted whackos who like to kill people.
5. Any episodes that involve little kids will make you cry. Like a baby.
6. If you're investigating an area, don't split up and go by yourself. You'll end up like Reid and get tortured and drugged.
7. If you need to stop and stay the night somewhere, choose a relatively nice hotel. Not a creepy motel, because there are creeps who will probably molest you and kill you.
8. If you hear weird noises around the house, and you don't have a gun on you, get the hell out because that means there's someone in your house who wants to kill you and your family. OR if you come home and things looks odd and out of place, chances are someone is now in your house waiting for you to walk in so you should get out immediately.
9. Never ever ever ever get into your car without checking out the backseat, the trunk, underneath, everything. Because there will be someone there who wants to kill you.
10. If a man looks creepy, he is probably creepy and you should stay away because then you're going to become his target. And you don't want that.
Hah, that's a very paranoid list of things but hey, that's what the show has taught me. And I will add, ever since watching that show, I find myself profiling people. I don't know if my assumptions are right,  but according to the show I'm pretty good.
Well, I hope you awesome people have an awesome weekend! I'm also linking up with Whitt for #backthatazzup Friday! Enjoy!

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